If you are having any doubts regarding the challenge, read the following questions to check if you find the information you are looking for: 

Do I need to verify my account?

It is not necessary to verify your account during the two initial stages. However, you must complete your identity verification after successfully completing Phases 1 and 2, prior to receiving access to your Funded Account.

What platform can I use? 

You should use MetaTrader 4 for all trades.

What is the Leverage?

All instruments have a fixed leverage of 1:100. 

What instruments can I trade?

You are free to trade any available instruments on the platform (Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, and Crypto). 

Can I hold trades over the weekend? 
There are no restrictions on holding your trades open. However, Swap fees would apply when holding your positions open past end-of-day server time.

Is crypto trading allowed?

Can I use EA’s and Forex bots?
You are free to use EA's and Forex Bots.

What type of trading style can I use?
You may use any trading style of your preference, whilst respecting the challenge requirements.

Can I trade the news?


Are there restrictions on lot sizes?
You can trade as many lots as you would like.

Can I restart a challenge without the fees?
If you are not successful in Phase 1 of the Challenge, you will not be able to restart your challenge unless you order and make payment for a new challenge. You are not able to use the same account credentials and will receive a new set of logins for the newly purchased challenge.

How many challenges can I purchase?
You are able to purchase as many challenges as you wish, either one after another or at the same time.