At each Phase of the challenge, there are certain rules you need to comply with:

Phase 1

10% Profit in 30 days
Minimum 10 days of trading
Daily Loss/Drawdown (Equity) of 5%
Max Overall Loss of 12% 


Phase 2

10% Profit in 30 days
Minimum 10 days of trading
Max Daily Loss/Drawdown (Equity) of 5%
Max Overall Loss of 12%

If you want to calculate the Daily Loss/Drawdown, you can use the following formula; 

((Current equity - End of previous day equity) / Previous equity) x 100. 

The calculated percentage would be your daily loss/drawdown. 

If you fail to meet any of the requirements you can purchase a new challenge and start again. You can still use the account for training purposes but it will no longer be eligible to win the challenge.

Not only can you purchase more than one account, but you can also use them simultaneously.

After completing Phases 1 and 2, our experts will review your trading activity to assess the level of consistency of your trading strategy before assigning you the account.

When evaluating your account, our experts will take into consideration the following:

  • A Maximum of 20%-30% of your overall profit to be earned in a single trading day.

  • Reasonable trade sizes in relation to capital. (This is reviewed across several factors such as assets traded, time of day, and week together with other factors affecting the market conditions).

  • When trades are scaled.

  • Position sizes before and during major news events and/or market closures.

  • Consistency in position sizes whilst trading.

  • The use and adjustments of stops and limits.

Following the evaluation, our experts will decide if the trading strategy you use meets our expectations. If it does, you will need to verify your account. All Funded Accounts must complete the identity verification process.

If you have any other queries, please, contact our team through