Need to know

  • Offers are fees which are set by a Money Manager for their services.
  • It is recommended to set up the Automatically Withdraw Fees option to receive your Offer fees directly in your Manager account.
  • If not, fees will be accumulated in your Fund, and will become part of the Pool of Funds.
  • You may view the total amount of fees gathered in the Fund's Info section.

You will need to: 

  • Access the fund you would like to withdraw from.
    • Click on the three dots and select Withdraw.

  • Enter the amount you would like to withdraw. (Depends on the amount of fees generated)
    • Click on Withdraw.

  • Your funds will now be available in your Manager account. To transfer them back to your Masari Capital wallet, please click here.

How to enable the Automatically Withdraw Fees option:

  • Click on the three dots and select Edit.

  • Tick the box.