• Once MetaTrader has been installed, it will take a moment or two for MetaTrader to pop up.
  • To see how to deposit funds into your account: Click here.
  • To see how to create a Live trading account : Click here.
  • MetaTrader for MacOS runs on Big Sur, the latest version and does not work on Catalina or any previous versions.

Step-by-Step Guide:  

  • Click here to download MetaTrader.
    • When download is finished, a popup window will instruct you on dragging your downloaded file to a folder of your choice. Follow the intructions.
      • Open MetaTrader and install Wine Gecko Installer if required.

When MetaTrader opens, you will need to:

  • Click on Add new Broker and enter our server details:
  • MasariCapital-Live (Live account) or MasariCapital-Demo(Demo account). 

  • Click on Existing Trade Account.
    • input your MetaTrader account login details*
      • Click on Next.

  • *Your MetaTrader account login details should look like the below in your email's inbox.

When all the steps have been followed, you will be connected to your trading account. If you encounter any errors, do not hesitate to contact our Support team on support@masaricapital.com for assistance.