Need to know

When you are providing us with a Proof of Identity document, please ensure it is one of the following:

National Identity Card / Drivers License / Passport / Residence Documentation

 Temporary residence permits are not accepted as proof of identification. 

The document/s;

  • Documents expiring within 5 upcoming days of submission will be rejected by the system.
  • Need to be a government-issued document.
  • We need to have the front and back of the document.
  • Must be able to see all four corners and not cropped. The full document.
  • the document needs to state that you are at least 18 years of age or older.
    **If we identify that you are/were under 18 when the account was created, it will be closed immediately.
  • The document/s need to be valid and in-date. We do not accept expired documents
  • We do not accept screenshots from a computer or mobile device.
  • The document needs to include your Date of Birth.
  • Please ensure the document is not password protected.
  • We only accept JPEG or PNG files.

Documents that are edited will be declined.

You will find some examples below: