When you create a MetaTrader account, we would send you an email containing your MetaTrader login details as shown below.



Please note: Check your spam/junk folder to see if you can find the email there if you do not see the email in your inbox.



You will need to manually create a trading account on the My Accounts section to receive your MetaTrader login details via email.



Kindly scroll down to Section 2 to see how to create a MetaTrader account. 




Section 2:  How to Create a Trading Account. 


Tap on My Accounts.

Choose your Account Type and Leverage (if creating a Live Trading Account you will also need to choose which currency you would like to trade with).

Tap Create Account.



Tap on My Accounts and you will be able to see your new account.

Kindly note that Demo Accounts will not be visible under the My Accounts section, however, if creating a Live Trading Account, this will now be visible under My Accounts.