You have one MT4 Account and inside each account there are four different Symbol groups:


Standard Pairs

PRO Pairs

VAR Pairs 

MINI Pairs


EURUSD = Standard ECN account: Majors pairs have a medium spread and $9 commission. = Pro ECN: PRO pairs have low spreads with $10 commission. 

EURUSD.var = VAR pairs have no Commission and higher spreads. 

EURUSD.Mini = Smaller lot sizes (1 lot = 1000) with $1 commission.


We offer different instrument types to suit different trading styles.


It makes it easier for you to trade on all different instrument types in one account thus avoiding the need for different accounts with different conditions.


You can see the different account types on the Market Watch on MetaTrader



Please note: Different account types are only available for Forex and certain symbols.